Revolutionize Your Practice
with Expert VMAs

Doctors can manage an increase of 3-5 patient visits daily, leading to up to 20 more visits weekly with our VMA services
Doctors can manage an increase of 3-5 patient visits daily, leading to up to 20 more visits weekly with our VMA services

Transform Your Practice with VMAs

Before VMAs

For Doctors:

Confronted with administrative burdens? On average, physicians dedicate 16.6% of their time to non-billable administrative tasks, limiting patient care potential.

For Staff:

Administrative duties occupy 40% of staff hours, diverting attention from direct patient care and support.

For Doctors



Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

For Staff



Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

After VMAs

For Doctors:

Shift to a 75% focus on clinical care with VMAs. Doctors can manage an increase of 3-5 patient visits daily, leading to up to 20 more visits weekly, enhancing care quality and revenue.

For Staff:

With VMAs handling administrative tasks, staff can allocate 60% of their time to patient care, boosting operational efficiency and patient service quality.

For Doctors

As low as


Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

For Staff

As low as


Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

Doctors can manage an increase of 3-5 patient visits daily, leading to up to 20 more visits weekly

Comprehensive VMA Services

Administration Mastery

Streamline your front desk operations with our VMAs handling inbound calls, scheduling, and patient collections. They efficiently manage these crucial yet time-consuming tasks, ensuring smooth administrative flow.

EMR Management and Scribing

Enhance your record-keeping with VMAs proficient in EMR management and scribing. They accurately document patient encounters and manage records, ensuring detailed and up-to-date patient information.

Patient Coordination

Our VMAs facilitate seamless patient coordination from intake to referrals. They handle authorizations and maintain proactive patient communication, contributing to an improved patient journey.

Operational Efficiency

Efficiently manage incoming faxes, medical records, and other back-office tasks with our VMAs. They provide operational support, ensuring that your practice runs smoothly and effectively every day.

Extend Your Reach

Leverage our VMAs to extend your practice’s outreach. They handle outbound scheduling and appointment reminders, enhancing patient engagement and ensuring continuity of care.

Versatile Task Management

Our VMAs adapt to a broad spectrum of tasks, catering to your practice's specific needs. Whether it's telehealth support, patient engagement initiatives, or specialized administrative duties, they are equipped to handle it all.

VMA Qualifications Showcase

Allied Health Professional

Our VMAs are more than assistants; they’re qualified professionals like pharmacists and physiotherapists. They bring a wealth of specialized healthcare knowledge to your practice, enhancing the quality of services provided.

Exceptional Communication Skill

Communication is key in healthcare. Our VMAs are fluent in English and expertly trained in customer service, ensuring clear, effective, and empathetic patient communication at every interaction.

Technology Adept

In an evolving digital healthcare landscape, our VMAs are proficient in the latest healthcare technologies. They seamlessly integrate into your digital ecosystem, improving efficiency and data management.

HIPAA Compliance

Patient confidentiality is paramount. Our VMAs are rigorously trained in HIPAA standards, ensuring the highest levels of patient data security and privacy in every aspect of their work.

Adaptable and Responsive

Flexibility is essential in healthcare. Our VMAs demonstrate remarkable adaptability, quickly adjusting to the unique needs and workflows of your practice. This responsiveness ensures smooth operations even in dynamic healthcare environments.

Flexible Payment Options

Hourly Flexibility Plan

Ideal For Practices with Varying Workloads
$ 7.5 per hour
for flexible usage
  • Pay only for hours used
  • Manage fluctuating administrative needs cost-effectively
  • Maintain control over operational expenses.

Dedicated VMA Flat Rate Plan

Ideal For Consistent and Comprehensive Support
$ 250 ($6.25/hr) per week
for a dedicated VMA
  • A VMA fully dedicated to your practice
  • Ensures continuity and deep understanding of your operations
  • Economical for regular, extensive support

Discover the Financial Edge

Compare the annual costs of in-house staff versus our VMAs across various metrics. From salary savings to reductions in training and overhead expenses, witness how our VMAs can save your practice approximately $30,000 per year.


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